Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How can I pay and book my session date?

​A- You can send me a message HERE to check availability for your date and time. A non-refundable 50% retainer fee is required to complete your booking and hold your date, the retainer needs to be paid within 7 (seven) days from the booking date, if the retainer is not paid within the deadline, the date will be released to the next customer in line. Payments can be made online by credit card.

Q- Where do sessions take place?

A- All sessions take place at the location of your choice. Ideally at sunrise or two hours before sunset. Don’t have a location in mind? No worries, I have a few suggestions for you. You can also take a look around the BLOG and my PORTFOLIO and see what locations catch your eye. Locations outside of  the included mileage from 21044 may incur a $0.75 charge per mile each way.

Q- What should I wear for my session?

​A- Whenever you book your session, you will receive a guide on your welcome email with more information about what to wear and what to expect. You should consider the time of the year and dress for the weather so that you're comfortable.

Q - Do I need to bring anything?

A- Yourself and your best smile! If you choose to bring multiple outfits, you will need to bring those as well. Accessories are a great way to change without much effort. Hats, floral crowns, statement jewelry, jackets and scarves, just to name a few. Keep in mind that depending on your location, you may not have a designated room to change.

Q- Can we bring our pets?

A- Yes, absolutely! However, you’ll need to find someone that is willing to come in and be responsible for your pets. Not all pictures will include your pets and we know how crazy they can get. With that in mind, I want to make sure we can maximize our time together and not have to worry about them while they’re not in the picture. ​

 Q- “It says it’s supposed to be hot/cold /raining on our session date; what should we plan for and can we reschedule?"

A- Cancellation or rescheduling due to weather conditions is at the photographer's discretion. The weather isn't always the way we want to, but rain or shine you can still get beautiful photos! Keep in mind the season of the year when booking your session and prepare and dress accordingly.

Q- Can we or someone else take pictures during our session?

A- The short answer is yes, a few phone snapshots are okay, but I ask that NO videos or DSLR cameras are used. As long as they do not interfere on our session or slow things down, it is okay. However, you’re investing in my time and expertise and I want you to get the best representation of it as you can.

Q- Do you offer military discount?

A- Yes, you guys rock so much! As a past military spouse myself, I'd love to honor all you do for us! First responders and military get a discount on any portrait collections, message me for details. Discount not available for weddings or branding headshots.

Q- Are you available for travel?

A- ​Yes, I am happy to travel for our session! There is a $0.75 charge per mile each way for locations further than the miles included on each collections from zip code 21044. For weddings and engagements 60 round-trip miles are included for each, for weddings further than 2 hours away, additional expenses will incur depending on individual locations.

Q- How will I receive my images?

A-  After our session, I will edit all of the best images and you will receive them in an online gallery with your high resolution files for you to download and share. There's also a phone app that is super handy, and anyone with the link can order prints, which is perfect for relatives who live far away.

Q- When will I receive my images?

A-  To be fair with all clients, sessions will be edited in the order that they were taken. My turnaround time is THREE WEEKS. Please schedule your sessions accordingly, especially during Fall.

Q- Do you sell printed products?

A- Yes, absolutely. Items can be purchased a la carte or in collections. Your images come with a personal use release. For best results, I highly recommend using a professional printing company, like mine, or the one purchased from your online gallery. You can view print collections here and canvas pricing here.

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