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I am assuming you are looking for a photographer so, welcome! I've been in your shoes and I want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so you'll find useful quick links on the bottom of this page! My goal as a photographer is to capture GENUINE emotions, have FUN, laugh together and tell stories through CLASSIC and timeless images. Be it your wedding day, your kiddos growing up, your continuing love for one another and anything in between. 

I specialize in weddings & portraits and love stories are my inspiration! Funny thing is, even though I have toted a camera around for as long as I can remember, I thought that being a professional photographer would steal the joy of my creativity, and I was so wrong! The thought of being a wedding photographer scared me immensely, but I didn't know then what I do now, and through education and experience, the more weddings I am a part of, the more I fall in love with my couples' love stories.

I have been married to my sweet husband, Kyle for over 8 years and we share a home in Central Maryland with our crazy rescue pup, JJ. We take way too many pictures of him sleeping in weird positions (he's our baby), he loves to lick cardboard boxes, anything that squeaks, cuddling on the couch and getting lots of lovings.

Kyle and I have a long and crazy love story, and against all odds, long distance and two continents, we made it! Every day we make small choices to enrich and grow our love instead of letting it pass us by. I like to seize the day, to dance in the kitchen, kiss under the moonlight and hold hands; always kiss goodnight and always say thank you and I love you.

When I am not behind the camera, I love to eat, especially sushi, Mexican food and lava cakes! I’m always up for a road trip, and lucky me, I married the perfect travel buddy! I have a desire to see the world and I think nothing compares to digging my toes in the sand, watching the sunrise at the beach and movie and popcorn on a rainy day.

Take a look around, if you think I'm the photographer for you, send me a message, I can't wait to hear your story!



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