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Photography has been a passion since I can remember. My first real memory of it is with my cousins, playing with my dad's old broken film camera. We would pose each other like models, snap away and pretend to rewind the film we didn't have. We were so silly, but it was so much fun to focus manually and see the blur turn into a clear image and hear that snap!

"I simply find it fascinating how a MOMENT can be frozen in time FOREVER"

Since then, I remember saving up for cameras and taking over the photographer role whenever I could at family gatherings (and we took blurry selfies way before selfies were cool!) I simply find it fascinating how a moment can be frozen in time, pictures are the reason I know what I looked like as a baby, how my mom looked on her wedding day, and how so many other moments are forever registered in our minds.

"I want you to BE and FEEL like YOURSELF"

Today, I realize that being a photographer entails so much more than pressing a button. Documenting your wedding, milestones in your marriage, your family or a new beginning in your life is not a job for just anyone. It takes a lot more than "having a good camera", and I have spent countless hours learning and perfecting my craft,  developing my own style and staying updated with the trends. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (I also have a Bachelor's degree in International Relations), I have continued to educate myself  year after year with classes and workshops to stay current with the photography world.

"The HEIRLOOMS we create together will become part of your LEGACY"

Photography to me needs to be fun, genuine, and I believe that your images should look classic and timeless, so 2, 10 years later, or maybe on your 50th anniversary together, you can look back at those sweet moments and remember how it FELT to be marrying your best friend, your soulmate, or the one who made your heart flutter. The moments you will live on your wedding day will be carried on throughout your marriage, as you grow old together and may they be the reminder of your vows to one another.

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