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Welcome to the blog!

Hi there, I am Cat and I am so thrilled you stopped by! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Valdosta, Georgia (soon to be Maryland!), where I live with my sweet husband and our crazy rescue pup, JJ.

I am a perpetual traveler, champagne-loving red lipstick-wearer with a passion for telling stories through images, food and travel.

I hope you enjoy  viewing my latest work and getting a little peek into my life. Make yourself at home!



This is my love story.

Back in 2010 I was a college student majoring in International Relations all the way in a town called Recife, in Brazil. While I was hustling through college to finish my last semester, I had my heart and mind set on leaving the country. I had already signed up for a program called Au Pair (you come to the U.S. to study, live with a family and care for their children while you go to class for a year or two max).

While I was still finishing up school, I needed to practice some English because I was soon going to be interviewing with some families, it was so exciting!!! Anyhow, to do that I started to look for friends online who were English speakers, and I met quite a few people from all walks of life. I’d talk to strangers all over the world with all kinds of accents and lifestyles. I actually still have some of those friends on my Facebook and see what they’re up to through there.

One of those strangers I met was Kyle :) Kyle and I met in early 2010, I think, I am not positive, but we clicked (as friends) from the very beginning, we could spend hours talking about all kinds of nonsense and became good friends. We spoke all the time, although he was in the Air Force, serving in Germany at the time and I was on my way to NY very soon, we had no plans to ever really meet, we were just online friends, although I really felt something strangely different about him (in a good way haha). Life went on, we opened up to each other about life’s problems and our daily mundane tasks, but things slowly started to shift into flirts and talks about meeting each other, but life wasn’t about to get any easier for us.

In a sad event, he had a family emergency and had to fly home, to Missouri right around Thanksgiving. It was happening, after 9 months of messenger chats and Skype calls, we were finally going to meet!!! I ended up flying to meet him at his home. We only had two days together. We had never seen each other in person before, to say I was nervous was an understatement, but I was also so excited! The weekend went by quick, I also met his twin brother, his father and his sister-in-law on my first date, which was funny, but I didn’t really care, I was already crazy for flying half way across the country to meet a “stranger”.

Life went back to “normal”, he flew back to Germany and I was back in NY, the next time we saw each other was three months later, when I went to Europe for my vacation (remember my Paris adventure? (You can read about it HERE). Germany was a decisive moment for me, I wasn’t sure where this crazy relationship was going, but I certainly didn’t open myself up to other guys while I was in NY, my heart was secretly already taken. We started “formally dating” then, I spent a little over a week in Germany and when time was up, it was back to the distance thing again (sigh).

At the point, my Au Pair life in NY had gotten to a point where I could no longer stay with the family I was with, we were most definitely not a good match and I was so stressed to be in that situation, I did what they call a “rematch”, I signed up to leave my current family and find a new family (and it was the best thing I could have done), I only had a few months left on my year and everyone told me it was going to be tough to find another one bla,bla,bla. Within a WEEK I had found a SWEET family that was looking for the same thing I was and we just clicked! Boom, I was on my way to Maryland soon! Yay! I was really sad to leave the kiddos in NY and to this day I still think about them, but it was a complicated relationship with the parents.

Throughout all this drama and stress, Kyle was there, we knew a lot about each other, we were honest and we talked a lot (it was all we could do) and I feel like that actually helped us achieve much more depth than other relationships could. The good, the bad, the sad and the serious, we talked about it all, including the crucial talk about where our relationship was headed. You see, to be an Au Pair you can’t have children or be married and my first year as an Au Pair was almost up. It got to a point where we needed to decide if we’d let each other go or if we’d stick together. I had plans to save money and go to Canada, but little did I know life had other plans for me. We made the decision to stay together, but that meant we had to get married which was CRAZY! TOTALLY CRAZY!

I had no big plans or dreams of getting married or having a family, I was too young to think about those things, but yet, there I was, a few months away from marrying a guy I barely knew, and by that, I mean a guy I had known for over a year but had spent very little time with (like, 10 days altogether).

He came to see me one more time before that, he waited in a military terminal for TEN DAYS to catch a flight to the U.S.; the first plane he got on, broke (#airforcelife) the second one went somewhere super far away like Tampa or Washington state and he caught another flight to Maryland from there, but what matters is that he made it! After 10+ days waiting, we were finally together again, but even after all that, we had spent LESS THAN A FULL MONTH together. Yet, we were getting married in 4 weeks (even when I think or talk about it, I can’t believe how crazy we were).

Fast forward to October 2011, I left my sweet family in Maryland and my life as I knew it as an Au Pair. I met my mother-in-law-the night before I got married (I know, I know, someone should have locked me up) and I was with my new husband for a total of two weeks before he left me again for a WHOLE YEAR (it baffles me that I am still here today, what was I thinking!). The rest is history, it was one of the hardest times in my entire life, I was in a dark and sad place, I had nobody close to me and I really had NO IDEA what I had gotten myself into (for all of those haters who love to say “you knew what you were getting into” about military life, we don’t!). I was crazy, maybe even reckless, but if there’s something no one can say about me is that I don’t take risks. We were both young and really had no idea what marriage was all about, we didn’t know how hard things would be and even less that things would have worked themselves out as well as they did.

I am glad to say we have a happy and solid marriage, we just celebrated 6 years together. We have made it through countless days, months and years apart, we have moved more times than I care to admit, but we have grown together and if you had asked me three years ago if it was all worth it, I probably would have said “not sure” (yep, being totally honest) but seeing the big picture as time goes by, seeing what we have built together and how things turned out so far, I am happy we were crazy, I am glad we took risks and even more so that even though we can be so different, we think much alike and can't imagine anyone else would've been the same. We have managed to build a home, no matter where we are, we have our own little family and we are very excited to see what our future out of the military holds. Cheers to more happy years!

This is us, over the years :) Please be kind, I know we are GOOFY!

This was our first picture together ever!!!

Baltimore Zoo - 2011

Our original wedding picture :P (I know, quality is awful but it's all I got).

Wedding celebration 2011

Jacksonville Beach, FL - First Anniversary 2012

Cataloochee, NC - Skiing 2013

Stone Mountain, GA - Anniversary 2013

Helen, GA - 2013

Atlanta, GA - 2014

Tampa, FL - Anniversary 2015

Rock City, TN - Anniversary 2016

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