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Welcome to the blog!

Hi there, I am Cat and I am so thrilled you stopped by! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Valdosta, Georgia (soon to be Maryland!), where I live with my sweet husband and our crazy rescue pup, JJ.

I am a perpetual traveler, champagne-loving red lipstick-wearer with a passion for telling stories through images, food and travel.

I hope you enjoy  viewing my latest work and getting a little peek into my life. Make yourself at home!



Planning a wedding is so much work and involves SO many moving parts that is is VERY EASY to overlook some details that seem silly when you are not in a super crazy time crunch. I have seen a lot of things happen on wedding days that people wouldn't believe, but below are a few of the things that are common:Plannings

1-The bouquets need to be delivered to YOU and not to the church/ceremony location.

This is a simple detail that can be easily overlooked, and it’s not the end of the world if it happens, However, if you can have them delivered to the same location you are getting ready at, us, photographers will have the chance to include your carefully selected florals in your detail shots. I LOVE photographing your rings in the flowers, but I need to have the bouquet handy to be able to achieve that. They can also make a beautiful background of blurry colors that match the rest of your day. Also remember, even if you aren’t sharing a first look (which I highly recommend), you still need your bouquets for pictures with your bridesmaids! Oh, and the same goes for the guys’ boutonnieres!

2- Keeping all of you rings and bands at the getting ready location.

I know, it is traditional, but even though most planners out there tell you to give it to the best man, this makes it much harder for me to get your rings and start photographing your details. I will need all three (her band, his band and the engagement ring) for those shots and since they are the first thing I photograph on the wedding day, delaying that step will only eat unnecessary time in your timeline. In case they’re not available a the time, it can certainly be accomplished later but there’s always a chance 1-we won’t have time 2- we will forget and 3- the lighting will NOT be the same and it will show on your album spread, so to keep it simple, keep the rings with you!

3- Your guests need something to write with on your guestbook!

I know, it’s such a small detail, and because it is so small, it gets overlooked. Make sure to put it on a checklist for your planner or whoever is in charge of your reception that they need extra pens by that table so that guests can sign. Remember, these will most likely hang on your wall or be an heirloom piece you will want to look back on many years down the road, so if you have purchased special pens or markers, ensure they are where they need to be, so you don’t even up with a black sharpie (true story) or even worse, no signatures at all!

4- Bringing your Invitation suite.

Just like the bouquets and your rings, make sure to keep a copy of your full invitation suite and bring it with you on your wedding day, or better yet, put it in your “photographer detail kit” bag and have it ready for your photographer when he or she arrives. This will save time and just like the bouquet, your invitation suite, especially the custom ones, will make gorgeous backgrounds for your details, and after all, it is part of your wedding day and I love to capture every little detail you spent so much time and effort choosing.

5- Writing online reviews

That goes for all the vendors, we work so hard to make your day run smoothly but it’s easy to overlook all that once your special day is over, especially if you haven’t had a chance to see all of it, we are always on the background taking care of the little things so you don’t have to! Just like the sweet thank you notes to your guests, us, vendors ALWAYS appreciate and crave your feedback. So drop us a line, we love to hear how happy you are with our services!

Are you a past bride? What have you forgotten on your wedding day?

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